Ivory Coast Tourist Attractions

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Looking for tourist attractions in the Ivory Coast? If you’re going to the Ivory Coast and want to know where to go, check out this list. It is also called Côte d’Ivoire. It’s not a well-known place for tourists, so too many people do not ruin it. But that doesn’t mean Ivory Coast has nothing to do.

Ivory Coast Tourist Attractions

There are many great tourist attractions in the Ivory Coast. There are busy markets, French colonial towns, dense rainforests, and modern cities. The beaches are great as well.

1. Abidjan

Abidjan is among the cities in Africa with the most French speakers. It is a wonderful place to start your trip to the Ivory Coast because it is the economic capital and a big city. There are lots of new buildings in Abidjan, especially in The Plateau.

It is known as Ivorian Manhattan or Little Manhattan because it has a lot of tall buildings and big hotels. St. Paul’s Cathedral is must-see. With It’s beautiful outside, the cathedral is among the city’s most well-known landmarks. Visit Banco National Park, which is close to the center of Abidjan.

A primary forest is an area of at least 34 km2 with many kinds of plants and animals. It has several walking paths, fishponds, a greenhouse, and a museum. Abidjan is also great for trying out local food because it has many high-end restaurants. People also eat a lot of street food.

2. Grand Bassam

tourist attractions in Ivory Coast

Grand Bassam is among the oldest towns in the Ivory Coast and a popular place for tourists from Europe to visit. The main thing to see is the Historic neighborhood on the UNESCO list. Even though it is old and falling apart, it is still a fascinating place to visit with some nice Grand Bassam hotels to stay at.

Try to picture what it looked like when it was first built. Grand Bassam Beach, which is in the town, is also well-known. It’s a long piece of white sand with palm trees on either side. There are a lot of cafés, restaurants, and hotels on the beach. When going to Grand Bassam, you should try some local seafood dishes.

3. Yamoussoukro

tourist attractions in Ivory Coast

The capital of the Ivory Coast is Yamoussoukro. It is well-known for its amazing landmarks:

  • Our Lady of Peace Basilica. Guinness World Records says it is the biggest church in the world, but few people know about it.
  • There is also Crocodile Lake and the Presidential Palace. Crocodiles live in an artificial lake at the Grand Palace.
  • The Yamoussoukro Grand Mosque. It is a beautiful white mosque with a complex design on the outside.

4. Taï National Park

The Taï National Park is a significant national park and among the best tourist attractions in the Ivory Coast. It is one of the few places in West Africa where you can still find primary rainforest. The park is known for its wide range of plants and animals, which is why it was named a World Heritage Site in 1982. There are chimpanzees, leopards, olive colobus monkeys, and Jentink’s duikers in the dense rainforest.

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5. Assinie

Assinie beach is among the most well-known beaches in Côte d’Ivoire. Near the border with Ghana is a resort town called Assinie. It has a calm beach with white sand and palm trees. The waves at Assinie Mafia beach are great for kids and adults who want to learn how to surf. It’s where most people go surfing in the Ivory Coast. At surf camps on the beach, you can get lessons and equipment. Assinie is among the most desirable destinations on the Ivory Coast because it has a great vibe and beautiful beaches.

6. Man Ivory Coast 

The city of Man is in the west of the Ivory Coast. Nature lovers and people who like to hike like to go there. Man is a lovely place to visit because hills surround it. Man: What to do? Hike up the Dent de Man, a mountain that stands out because it looks like a tooth. Hikers and people who climb rocks go there a lot. There are many things to do in Man Ivory Coast.

The peak also gives you a magnificent view of Man and the surrounding area. Visit Les Cascades de Man. It is a beautiful waterfall with several drops. It is just outside of town and is a pleasant place to swim. Go to the nearby Dan towns. These villages can be seen on tours led by people from the area.

Travel tips for Tourist attractions in Ivory Coast

  1. Côte d’Ivoire and The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire are other names for the Ivory Coast.
  2. To go to the Ivory Coast, you need a visa. You can obtain it from an Embassy or Consulate of the Ivory Coast.
  3. There are ATMs in cities and other large towns. But you can’t always count on them. Bring money with you so you can change it if you need to. Bring additional cash with you just in case the ATMs aren’t working.
  4. The best times to visit Ivory Coast are in the winter and spring.
  5. Long-distance buses can take you from one city to another (e.g., UTB).
  6. You can go to the Ivory Coast with some safety, but you should still be careful. Keep your valuables on you always, pay attention to your surroundings, don’t walk around empty neighborhoods, don’t travel at night by yourself, and don’t show off your stuff.