Wine Estates Franschhoek

If you’re looking to visit the best wine farms in Franschhoek, then we have you covered with the best wine estates in Franschhoek.

Franschhoek has tall oak trees, rolling vineyards, Cape Dutch architecture, and a touch of French style. It dates to 1688 when 150 Huguenots came to the area knowing how to make wine. First-time visitors to the valley are often surprised by how French it is, from the French names of the wineries, hotels, and restaurants to the Parisian-style cafés that line the high street and the classic, elegant wines made here.

They range from regal and rustic to well-known and small. Each one is just as beautiful as the next, making amazing wines. We couldn’t list them all in this article, which is a shame. So, we’ve picked the best wineries in Franschhoek.

 Franschhoek wine farms

1. Grande Provence

Grande Provence is one of the best vineyards in Franschhoek. It looks like a French country escapes with a touch of homey comfort. Grande Provence Heritage wine estate is known for its large vineyards, award-winning Grande Provence Restaurant, and great wine-tasting facilities. It’s a hole-in-one with high-end rooms, top-notch wines, a gallery, and a town center only five minutes away.


2. Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines

best wine farms in Franschhoek
Picture: Leeu Estates

Leeu Estates is a 68-hectare wine farm on the slopes of the Dassenberg mountains. It is home to Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines. This estate is one of three farms that Indian businessman Analjit Singh bought after a chance trip to Franschhoek in 2010. During that trip, he instantly and instinctively knew this was it! The Leeu estate wine tasting offers a memorable wine-tasting experience of the Franschhoek wine route.


3. Mont Rochelle Franschhoek 

best wine farms in Franschhoek

This famous Richard Branson estate has a view of rolling meadows and vineyards that go all the way to the mountains in the distance. Enjoying tasty food at Mont Rochelle Restaurant, scenic picnics, and an excellent selection of homegrown wines is peaceful. Franschhoek Mont Rochelle offers luxury accommodation in Franschhoek. The hotel is a luxurious 26-bedroom hotel with stunning views.


4. Eikehof Wine Farm Franschhoek

best wine farms in Franschhoek
Picture: Eikehof wine farm

This family-owned winery was started in 1903 and is still run by the Malherbe family that gave it its name (“eike” means “oak” in Afrikaans). Eikehof wine estate is surrounded by lush oak trees that are over 100 years old. The Eikehof farm is a hidden gem and a wonderful place to hang out with family and friends and drink good wine.


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5. Anthonij Rupert Wine Farm

best wine farms in Cape Town

Anthonij Rupert Wines makes award-winning wines in state-of-the-art facilities at the famous L’Ormarins Estate, tucked away in the Groot Drakenstein Mountains. Even though wine is the main attraction, this is a one-stop Winelands destination for any occasion thanks to its artful mix of historic architecture, innovative winemaking facilities, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and many other fun things to do.


6. La Motte Wine Estate

la motte wine tasting price
Picture: La Motte Winery

This prestigious estate is home to a well-known La Motte restaurant, a great farm shop, a tasting room, an estate museum, and a wide range of fine wines known worldwide. It is a must-visit as it is one of the best Franschhoek wine farms. The well-kept spot nestled on the Franschhoek wine route also gives a behind-the-scenes process of learning how their wine is made.


7. La Petite Ferme Franschhoek 

Franschhoek wine farms

La Petite Ferme has always had a well-to-do (and far-reaching) reputation, partly because it has some of the best views of the valley and surrounding mountains. It makes great small-batch wines and has a beautiful front lawn that looks out over the valley. If you are looking for a romantic Franschhoek restaurant, then this is it. La Petite Ferme restaurant is one of the best lunch and dinner spots in Franschhoek.


8. Boschendal Wine Estate Franschhoek 

Franschhoek wine farms

A visit to the Boschendal wine estate is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. Boschendal is one of the best wine farms in Franschhoek. It checks all the boxes and does so beautifully. There are stylish rooms, a friendly werf with night markets, puppet shows, and other activities, a well-stocked farm shop, and a kids’ club that would shame some of Mauritius’s most expensive resorts. Find out more about Boschendal wine tasting and the Boschendal wine estate accommodation on their website below.


9. Maison Estate

Maison estate

Maison, from the French word for “house,” is all about warm Winelands hospitality and slow, comfortable living. Set against the Franschhoek mountains, the Maison estate’s modern design makes it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal and a great bottle of wine. It is a must-visit when in the area for some exceptional wine tasting at the Maison estate.


10. Haute Cabrière

Visiting the Cape Winelands and wanting to enjoy some great food and top wine tasting? Haute is the place to go. It has been owned by the Von Arnim family for many generations. It is on the slopes of the Franschhoek Mountains and has magnificent views of the valley beyond. The Haute Cabriere tasting room offers the famous Haute Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot Noir.


11. Labri Franschhoek

Labri wine estate
Picture: Labri Wine Estate

Labri Franschhoek is also one of the wine farms to visit in Franschhoek. It is a quaint and beautiful wine farm that offers an intimate wine-tasting experience. The wine paired with chocolate, biltong, and cheese is something to look forward to. Labri is in a class of its own as it offers an intimate experience for every wine lover. They have one of the best red wines in Franschhoek which you may buy to take home with you. If you are taking the Franschhoek wine tram La Bri is the first stop on the Franschhoek Wine tram tour.


12. Rickety Bridge Winery

Rickety bridge winery

Rickety Bridge Winery is one of Cape Wineland’s finest spots, tucked away in gorgeous mountains with views that make time forgotten. You can enjoy amazing wines which you can taste while overlooking the breathtaking mountains. I stayed in the Rickety Bridge Manor House on my last visit there. The rooms were spacious, clean, and beautiful. They also have an excellent Rickety Bridge restaurant with great food. Rickety Bridge is a little piece of heaven on earth that caters to everyone’s needs.


When to go to Franschhoek

Most people think autumn (March and April) is the most beautiful time to visit the Franschhoek wineries. Even though harvest time is ending, the weather is still nice, and falling leaves in warm shades of bronze and red make the scenery look breathtaking. But Franschhoek vineyards have something special to offer every season, from the greenery in spring to a glass of wine by the fire in winter.

If you like festivals, Franschhoek is a beautiful place because of the many fun festivals every year. Franschhoek Summer Wines, the Franschhoek Literary Festival, the Franschhoek Open Gardens Festival, the Franschhoek Bastille Festival, the Franschhoek Uncorked Festival, and the Franschhoek Cap Classique & Champagne Festival are some of the most popular.

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How to get to Franschhoek

Franschhoek is only 30 minutes from Stellenbosch, and the city center of Cape Town is an hour away. You could rent a car and stay in Franschhoek for a few days to get the most out of the Cape Winelands. You could spend time exploring the valley and going to some beautiful wine estates nearby, or you could go to places like Paarl and Worcester, which are further away.

Another excellent choice would be to plan a trip from Cape Town, but once you get to Franschhoek, you won’t have many options. Some trains go to nearby Paarl, but you shouldn’t take them unless you know the area well and can get around with taxis.

 Accommodation in Franschhoek

There are many places to stay in Franschhoek, including five-star hotels, private villas, and guesthouses. No matter how much money you have or what you like, you’ll be able to find a suitable place to stay after a day of enjoying the gourmet food products and wines the area has to offer.