Blyde River Canyon South Africa

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Blyde River Canyon South Africa is about 25 kilometers long and packs a huge punch. Located in Mpumalanga South Africa is said to be the third-largest canyon in the world and the greenest canyon in the world. The Blyde River Canyon viewpoint has amazing views with the Three Rondavels offering the best view.

There is even a place called God’s Window where you can see the beginning of the canyon and enjoy views of the green Lowveld below you. You will also see Kruger National Park, and the Lebombo Mountains in the next country, Mozambique, when it’s not, um, hazy.

What is unique about Blyde River Canyon South Africa?

The word Blyde comes from the Dutch word for glad or happy, so it makes sense. You can do more than drive around, see sights, and go hiking in this area. Engaging Blyde Canyon activities include bungee jumping, hang gliding, kayaking, kite surfing, scenic microlight flights, Blyde River Canyon boat cruise, river tubing, abseiling, paragliding, windsurfing, and horseback riding.!

Best time to go to Blyde River Canyon South Africa

The finest time to go is during the winter, from June to the end of August. However, haze and clouds might make it hard to see. There isn’t as much plant life in August, so that’s another reason.

Blyde River Canyon tours

Check out some Blyde River Canyon tours for a day tour of the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve.  If you have one day to view the canyon, users can do it as a day trip from Graskop, Sabie, or Pilgrim’s Rest. You can drive and get there in three to five hours. The Guinea Fowl Nature Trail, the Leopard Nature Trail, and the Kadisha-Tufa Trail are all short trails that can be done in an hour to four hours. All of these trails start at the Blyde Canyon Forever Resort. You can do both of these hikes in five hours, but you might only get to a few places where you can swim in the river.

Are you planning a vacation to Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve?

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blyde river canyon south Africa

Blyde River Canyon Hikes

There are many trails for a great Blyde River Canyon hike experience. The three- and four-star Forever Resort is 50 kilometers from Graskop. From there, you can get to several Blyde River Canyon walking trails. It’s where you get permission to walk in Blyde River Canyon. Just letting you know that you can stay there to get to the trails.

The 10 km Loerie Trail is a popular walk-through pine and bluegum plantations, native forests, and grasslands. It starts at the Merry Pepple Holiday Resort or the Ceylon Forest Station and returns to both. Another one is the Forest Falls Nature Walk. Only 3.2 kilometers separate the Green Heritage Picnic Site from the Forest Falls, which are wider than tall.

Are you up for the challenge of walking 18 km in one day? Then, if you start early, the Hippo Trail could be a good choice. You can get a permit from the Forest Resort, which is closed on Sundays. Yes, you will probably see hippos relaxing in the water. The Blyde River Canyon Hiking Trail is a good three-to-five-day hike, depending on how you fit.

Blyde River Canyon accommodation

There are many Blyde River Canyon accommodation places to stay in the nearby towns of Graskop, Sabie, and Hazyview. Find a few lodges you can book on like Blyde River Canyon Lodge.

For those with a little more money, A Pilgrim’s Rest at Graskop, a building in the “Gold Diggers” style, takes you back to the 1880s. And the modern umVangati House, which won the TripAdvisor 2017 Travelers’ Choice Award, is a high-end choice north of Blyde River. Nice place to enjoy a cup of South African Red Rooibos Tea, which is good for your health in many ways. It’s not tea but a herb.

Blyde River Canyon Restaurants

There are few places to eat in Blyde River Canyon South Africa. Check out what people say about Kadisi Restaurant at Blyde Canyon, A Forever Resort.

What Things to Bring

You’d bring a good camera, binoculars, sunscreen, snacks, and maybe even a picnic meal, so you can stop and eat whenever you want. Serious hikers must bring their usual gear for the season, like good hiking boots and long pants.

What’s Next?

So, if the Blyde River Canyon South Africa is already on your list of things to do, this blog gives you a full rundown of what you can do there. If you have more questions or require to make a reservation, you can drop us an email.