Three Rondavels Entrance Fee

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The Three Rondavels are in the Blyde River Canyon on the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga. The 3 rondavels have had many names like the Three Sisters and The Chief and his Three Wives.  The stunning Three Rondavels were named after the Bapedi chief, Maripi Mashile’s three wives: Magabolie, Magoladikwe, and Maseroto. The word “Rondavel” is a South African word that refers to a round hut-like dwelling (usually with a thatched roof)

Three Rondavels entrance fee

Three Rondavels are a must-do on your list of things to do in Mpumalanga. The 3 rondavels give a spectacular view over the Blyde River Canyon. The entrance fee to the Three Rondavels entrance fee is R20 per person.

Why you must visit

Mpumalanga doesn’t fall short when it comes to nature destinations. The Three Rondavels are such an amazing sight that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. You must take your time to soak up the natural beauty of the Three Rondavels.

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The best time to visit Three Rondavels 

Although this is an all-year-round destination to visit, October to March is the best to visit the 3 Rondavels as the perfect weather conditions will ensure you get magnificent views of the Three Rondavels.

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How to get to Three Rondavels 

The best way to get to the 3 Rondavels is to take the R532 from Graskop to the Blyde River Canyon which begins at Bourke’s Luck Potholes and ends at the Three Rondavels. The distance from Graskop to three rondavels is 40 to 45 minutes using a car.

Things to do

The Panorama Route has so many things to do.  Some spectacular attractions you will see are God’s Window, Wonder View, Lisbon Falls, Berlin Falls, Graskop Gorge, and Bourke’s Luck Potholes.

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Accommodation near Three Rondavels

There are a couple of accommodations near three rondavels so that you can enjoy a wonderful time in Mpumalanga. Here is a list of some of the best accommodations in Mpumalanga near 3 rondavels.