Gods window Mpumalanga

God’s Window Entrance Fee 2022

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Are you planning on taking a trip to God’s window Mpumalanga? It was named God’s window because of the unmatched spectacular panoramic views of the attractions one gets to see. It is part of the scenic Panorama Route in Mpumalanga. The Panorama Route starts at the foot of the Long Tom Pass and it ends at Echo Caves. A trip to the Panorama Route is not enough without going to God’s window viewpoint. Below is our guide to one of the most visited attractions in South Africa.

What can you see from God’s window?

The popular landmark in Mpumalanga has the best views as you will see over the Kruger National Park to the Lebombo Mountain range on the border of Mozambique. What is so special about God’s window is special are the views of waterfalls and you will see the amazing Three Rondavels. Make sure you choose a clear day to best enjoy the views of God’s window.

Why is it called God’s window?

Without a doubt, God’s window is one of the most amazing viewpoints in South Africa. Gods Window Mpumalanga is such a picturesque view that it was named so due to the unmatched natural beauty contained in one view. Without a doubt, it should be on your bucket list of the best things to do in Mpumalanga.

God’s window entrance fee

The Gods window entrance fee 2022 is R20 for adults and the God’s window entrance fee for kids is R10.

Are kids allowed at God’s window?

Kids are allowed at God’s window and the entrance fee is R10 for kids.

God’s window accommodation

Wondering about where should I stay when visiting God’s window? Below we have listed some of the nearest God’s window accommodations for easy access to the spectacular views.

Blyde Canyon is one of the accommodations near God’s window that gives you easy access to God’s window Mpumalanga. Another place to stay that is very close is Blyde River Wilderness Lodge. It is also a great location as it is surrounded by the Blyde River and the Drakensberg Mountains.

God’s Window Mpumalanga image: https://twitter.com/MokgalabeGauta



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