Fishing at Vaal Dam

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Fishing at Vaal Dam offers an exceptional experience for anglers looking to hook into a diverse range of freshwater species in one of South Africa’s largest reservoirs. Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes, this vast body of water is renowned for providing some of the best fishing at Vaal Dam, with opportunities to land impressive catches, particularly for those passionate about carp fishing at Vaal Dam. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a casual hobbyist, knowing the best Vaal Dam fishing spots can transform your expedition into a truly memorable adventure. From tranquil inlets to bustling shores, the dam’s expansive waters are brimming with potential for a rewarding day with rod and reel in hand.

Best Fishing at Vaal Dam

1. @97 Weltina

@97 Weltina provides a peaceful fishing area, where the serene waters invite you to seek out the abundant carp. Ensure you have your preferred bait ready to increase your chances of a successful day.

Address: 246V+QR, R716, Oranjeville, 1995

Phone: 082 389 7400


2. Anchor Creek Marina

fishing at Vaal dam
Photo: Anchor Creek Marina

The Marina at Anchor Creek is a bustling spot with facilities to help make your fishing trip effortless. It’s a favorite for its convenient access to deep water, making it ideal for casting deeper lines.

Address: Wall St &, Ross St, Deneysville, 1932

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Phone: 082 653 9999


3. Mihanzi

fishing at vaal river
Photo: Mihanzi

At Mihanzi Estate, the expansive water and diverse fish species promise a rewarding fishing experience. Remember to check the local forecasts to maximize your day on the water here.

Address: Goedgedacht, Orangeville, 1995

Phone: 083 630 4729

4. Fish ‘n Bietjie

Fish ‘n Bietjie offers a laid-back atmosphere where patience can pay off with a diverse catch. Carp are populous, so prepare for some thrilling pulls on your line.

Address: Midvaal Gauteng, 1932

Phone: 079 381 2881

5. Aqua Via

Phone: 082 252 4547
Photo: Phone: Aqua Via

Aqua Via is a haven for dedicated anglers. The clarity of the water here is often conducive to good catches, particularly if you’re aiming for carp.

Address: R54, Vereeniging

Phone: 082 252 4547

6. Avanti

Avanti presents a well-regarded spot frequented by seasoned fishers. It’s recommended to arrive early as the best spots along the banks can be quickly taken.

7. Barnfires Guest Farm

Barnfires Guest Farm is adjacent to the Vaal River and claims a section of the dam; it’s an idyllic setting for a day of fishing, offering more than just carp – but an array of species to challenge your angling skills.

Address: Barnfires Farm, Deneysville, 1932, Free state

Phone: +27 82 850 2634


8. Biermans

Biermans is known for its deeper waters, which can yield larger fish. Your tackle box should be well-stocked with a variety of bait to make the most of this spot.

9. Biki Bos Lodge

Another tranquil location, Biki Bos Lodge allows for serene fishing sessions with the possibility of landing impressive carp.

Address: R501, Potchefstroom, 2520

Phone: (018) 293 0622


10. Oranjeville Resort and Camping

Oranjeville Holiday Resort
Photo: Oranjeville Holiday Resort

Oranjeville is perfect for family fishing trips, with ample space and a relaxed environment. Its camping facilities add to the allure, making it more than just a day’s activity.

Address: 12 Bird St, Oranjeville, 1995

Phone: 082 358 1802

11. Vaal Goedehoop

At Vaal Goedehoop, fishing enthusiasts can find their own slice of the dam. Calm waters here aid in attracting a good catch throughout the day.

Address: Unnamed Road, Heilbron, 1964

Phone: 082 513 7673

12. Dockside Lodge and Tented Camp

dockside lodge
Photo: Dockside Lodge

Dockside Lodge offers a unique fishing experience with its tented camp right near the water. This location is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves fully in a fishing adventure.

Address: Plot 108 Ring Rd, Vaal Marina, 1945

Phone: 066 186 5083

13. Boschkop Fishing and Holiday Resort

Boschkop Fishing and Holiday Resort provides excellent spots for both novice and experienced fishermen. Its holiday resort aspect ensures that your stay is comfortable while you engage in persistent fishing efforts.

Address: Boschkop oord is geleë aan die Vaaldam op die R54 tussen Vereeniging en Villiers.

Phone: 076 959 1242


14. Kollege Plaas

Kollege Plaas is a revered spot, especially for those targeting hefty carp. Your bait choices here are crucial; seek local advice if you’re new to the dam’s conditions.

Address: Rietfontein, PO Box 114, Grootvlei

Phone: 082 450 5640

15. Leboya Bay Resort

Leboya Bay
Photo: Leboya Bay

Leboya Bay Resort boasts facilities that cater to all your fishing needs while presenting a plethora of opportunities for catching diverse species, including the local favorite, carp.

Address: R549, Refenkgotso, Deneysville, 1932

Phone: 061 401 2808


The Vaal Dam is renowned for its plentiful fishing spots and varieties of fish, making it a prime destination for anglers. Equipped with your tackle box and bait, you can expect to enjoy some of the best carp fishing experiences in the region.