Natural hot springs in South Africa

Hot Springs South Africa

Planning to visit some natural hot springs in South Africa? Why wait when all of these natural baths are calling you, and you only have to go once to feel the peaceful energy of these geothermal areas? Here is a list of the best natural hot water springs in South Africa to visit when you are out and about.

The Baths Natural Hot Springs

natural hot springs in South Africa
Photo: The Baths Natural Hot Springs

South Africa’s Baths hot springs will be the first thing we discuss. Cape Town is a two-hour drive from this hot spring. If you are coming from a place where it is freezing, this will make you feel warmer. Once you step in, you won’t want to get out again.

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Its temperature ranges up to 43 degrees Celsius. It has pools with both hot and cold water. And like many other South African hot springs, this one has things to do like tennis and hiking. The most favorite thing about it is its beautiful setting. It draws a lot of people because of its natural beauty and other things like that.

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Goudini Hot Springs

Natural hot springs in South Africa

This is the first place people come to get away from their worries. And this is because it is in an area close to Cape Town. If you don’t like outdoor pools all that much, you can also go to an indoor pool. And if you disagree with what was just said, you should go with outdoor pools.

You can find everything you want here. And if you soak in the pool’s warm water, you’ll never want to leave. Many of you may have kids who make it hard for you to enjoy the hot water springs in South Africa. If this is the case, you’ll require some things to do to keep your kids from bothering you. This would help you feel less stressed out and more.

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Warmwaterberg Spa

Warmwaterberg Spa is another one of the hot springs in South Africa where the water comes straight from the spring. And if you like bathing in boiling water, this is probably the best place because the water directly from the source is 43 degrees Celsius.

This is the best hot spring resort in South Africa, where your mind and body will feel much better after a soak. This hot spring spa is small because it has two hot springs. And that’s not all. There is also an excellent tool for those who would rather be cold than desirable.

If you’ve wanted to try a Roman bath for a long time but haven’t been able to because you’re always busy, this hot spring resort will give you the chance to do so. The spa is likely the last and last thing it has. If the hot springs don’t completely relax you, the hotel will.

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Calitzdorp Spa South Africa

Do you still remember the hot spring at Warmwaterberg Spa? We just talked about it, so you likely will. You might wonder why I’m talking about the same hot spring again. It has a reason, too. The warm water berg is also close to the Calitzdorp Spa.

This hot water spring is known for making people feel better. Minerals like manganese and iron are also reasonably found in this water. All of this water comes from sources deep underground. In addition to the relaxing effect of the hot spring, the beautiful scenery around it will take away about half of your stress.

You shouldn’t think we know the answer if you have to choose between this one and the one before it. We don’t know what to say about this either, since both are better than the other. The choice between the two has just been made for you.

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Bela-Bela Hot springs

One of the best hot springs in South Africa is in Bela Bela. If you go there once, you’ll say, Because of how beautiful the place is. You’ll feel so great that you’ll never be able to feel that way in a hot spring again. The design of the hot spring isn’t perfect. But the scene is out of this world.

The name is not English but means boiling-boiling in English. It came from the Tswana language. People now come here to heal because the water there is healing, and they can also relax. You can also hike and do other things here to get closer to nature.

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Badplaas Sulphur Springs

This was a hot spring like the one in Montagu, South Africa, where the water in the hot springs was thought to be good for your health. So, a resort was built on the hot spring to take advantage of this water, and this is the hot spring we’re talking about now. And until now, this hot spring has helped people not only relieve stress but also improve.

On the other hand, this resort owned by Forever Resorts is also a very high-end one. When you heard that it was a high-end resort, you might have guessed it would also be huge. And what you think is very accurate. It has one big pool that is cool and not one, not two, but three hot collections. I don’t think that’s all the resort offers since it also has four private pools.

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