Things to do in Harties

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Looking for the best things to do in Harties? Hartbeespoort, affectionately known as Harties among locals, is a quaint town nestled in South Africa’s North West province. The place bustles with activities during the weekends that make it a favourite destination for travellers. If you ever find yourself in the town, here are the best things to do in Harties for couples, families, and solo travellers out there!

Fun things to do in Harties

1. Aerial Cableway Harties

things to do in Harties
Photo: Get Your Guide

What’s better than a beautiful view? It’s getting an awesome ride going there! There’s no doubt that one of the fun things to do in Harties is riding the Hartbeespoort aerial cableway that will take you up the Magaliesberg offering stunning views of the dam, the mountains, and the nearby areas. Whatever the weather is, you can always enjoy the two-seater with your significant other or go as a group of four.

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2. Hartbeespoort Dam

Hartbeespoort dam
Photo: GYG

The Hartbeespoort Dam is an epitome of natural beauty, located at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain range. This oasis invites travellers to relax and simply bask in the serene atmosphere.

It’s no surprise that visiting the dam is one of the best things to do in Harties, with its sparkling waters reflecting the azure skies of South Africa and creating a tranquil setting perfect for picnics and boat rides. Indigenous flora in the lush surroundings also adds vibrant colour to this special spot in nature.

3. Little Paris 

Little Paris, Hartebeespoortdam
Photo: Little Paris, Hartebeespoortdam/Facebook

Little Paris is a hidden gem located on one of Harties’ main streets. A French-styled restaurant, a gift shop, a deli, and a clothing boutique make up Little Paris. The highlight of Harties for couples and families is its charming miniature Eiffel Tower at the lake’s end, adorned with lovers’ locks.

Colorful locks adorn the lake’s railing leading to the entrance to the tower. Couples can engrave their initials on the locks that can be bought on the premises before putting them in their preferred spot.

Address: R511, Hartbeespoort, 0216

Phone: 078 592 6953

4. Go for a Hike

Magaiesburg hike
Photo: Neill Soden

The Magaliesberg Mountain Range is one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges that add to the natural beauty of Harbeespoort. This is one of the fun things to do in Harties as it offers hikers a selection of trails from trickier climbs to easier strolls. Whatever your fitness level is, climbing this natural wonder will give you bragging rights and better vistas once you reach the top.

5. Owl Rescue Centre

Owl Rescue Centre
Photo: Owl Rescue Centre/Facebook

Nestled in the heart of Harties, the Owl Rescue Centre is a committed non-profit with a staff made up of passionate experts. The team has two missions, and that is to rehabilitate and protect owls to ensure the preservation of their quality of life and numbers. With its exemplary track record, the centre already successfully rescued and released owls from different species, including spotted eagle owls and barn owls.

Address: 448 R104, Bokfontein, Hartbeespoort, 0240

Phone: 082 719 5463

6. Lion & Safari Park

Lion safari park
Photo: Get Your Guide

Nestled within the Cradle of Humankind, the Lion Safari Park is an essential destination for visitors to Hartbeespoort, offering an immersive wildlife experience. This park provides a unique opportunity to encounter Africa’s majestic creatures, including lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and zebras, through a variety of activities such as guided safari drives and self-driven tours. Guests can opt for exhilarating open vehicle game drives, which allow for intimate views of these magnificent animals in their semi-natural habitats, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife conservation.

Address: R512 Pelindaba Rd, Broederstroom, 0240

Phone: 087 150 0100

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7. Elephant Sanctuary Hartbeespoort

elephant sanctuary hartbeespoort
Photo: Elephant sanctuary Hartbeespoort/Facebook

The Elephant Sanctuary Hartbeespoort offers a unique and interactive experience that allows visitors to get up close with African elephants. Here, guests can engage in various activities, including touching and feeding the elephants, learning about their anatomy and behavior, and assisting caretakers with daily tasks like brushing the elephants. This intimate interaction is not only educational but also fosters a deeper appreciation and understanding of these majestic creatures. The sanctuary employs positive reinforcement training methods, ensuring that the elephants are relaxed and enjoy interacting with visitors.

Address: Hartbeespoort Dam Zandfontein, Hartbeespoort, 0216

Phone: 012 258 9904

8. Chameleon Village

Chameleon Village
Photo: Chameleon Village/Facebook

Chameleon Village in Hartbeespoort is a vibrant hub that encapsulates the rich tapestry of South African culture and craftsmanship. This destination offers an expansive market area dedicated to showcasing a variety of handcrafted products from across the nation. Visitors can explore the largest Crafters Market in the region, with 800 square meters allocated to skilled local artisans. Chameleon Village Harties features an array of items from beautifully designed jewelry and aromatherapy products to eclectic home décor and traditional African curios. It’s an excellent spot for those looking to immerse themselves in local artistry and perhaps find unique gifts and souvenirs.

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The village hosts a range of restaurants offering everything from wood-fired pizzas and authentic Mozambican flame-grilled dishes to traditional Italian meals. For those looking for a bit of excitement, the site includes a Reptile and Snake Park with live shows, and a Lion and Tiger Park, providing up-close encounters with majestic wildlife. Additionally, the village is designed to be family-friendly, featuring a water park and various play areas for children, ensuring a fun-filled visit for visitors of all ages.

Address: Chameleon Village R104 Old Rustenburg rd Damdoryn, Hartbeespoort, 0216

Phone: 012 003 4033

9. Upperdeck Restaurant

Upperdeck Restaurant Hartbeespoort
Photo: Upperdeck Restaurant Hartbeespoort

Nestled in the scenic Damdoryn Crossing of Hartbeespoort, the Upperdeck Restaurant Hartbeespoort offers a vibrant blend of live music and delightful culinary experiences that define its unique charm. This family-friendly venue thrives on its lively atmosphere, with performances from various artists, making it a staple in the local entertainment scene. The restaurant serves a range of tasty dishes all week and is known for its laid-back beer garden setting where visitors can enjoy both the music and the community vibe.

Upperdeck isn’t just about good food and music; it’s a place where friends and families can relax and spend quality time together. The establishment is pet-friendly and includes both smoking and non-smoking areas, ensuring comfort for all guests. Whether it’s a casual visit for a meal or a planned event, Upperdeck makes a perfect leisure stop in Harties. With its welcoming atmosphere and consistent buzz of activities, it’s an ideal spot for both locals and tourists looking to soak in the jovial spirit of Hartbeespoort.

Address: R104, Hartbeespoort, South Africa

Phone: 066 476 6673

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10. French Toast Koffie Kafee

things to do in harties
Photo: Frenchtoast Koffie Kafee/Facebook

Tucked away in the heart of Hartbeespoort, the French Toast Koffie Kafee offers a charming slice of Paris right in South Africa. This unique café, originally constructed as a movie set for the film “French Toast” now serves as a delightful spot for breakfast or brunch. Visitors can enjoy a range of dishes, from the signature French toast to lighter café fare and excellent coffee. The ambiance is notably enhanced by the Parisian-themed decor, including a mini Eiffel Tower where guests often leave engraved locks as mementos.

The café operates daily from early morning until 5 PM, offering a menu that is well-suited for vegetarians and those looking for a quick but satisfying meal. For those looking to capture a bit of cinematic history while enjoying their meal, the French Toast Koffie Kafee provides just that, along with the added allure of potentially being a part of a living movie set.

Address: 97, R511 Hartbeespoort Hartbeespoort Dam, 0216

French Toast Koffie Kafee menu

Phone: 078 592 6953

11. Upside Down House

things to do in harties
Photo: Upside Down House/Facebook

In the scenic region of Hartbeespoort, South Africa, the Upside Down House presents a unique and fascinating experience that captivates visitors with its gravity-defying architecture. This intriguing building is constructed with its roof on the ground and the floor overhead, creating a surreal visual and spatial experience. Everything from furniture to kitchen appliances is securely fastened to what appears to be the ceiling, offering a bewildering yet amusing perspective on everyday living spaces. The Upside Down House is designed to amuse and challenge one’s perceptions, making it a popular spot for striking and imaginative photographs that defy the norms of up and down.

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Upside Down House Hartbeespoort number: 063 100 9858

12. Hartbeespoort Dam Snake and Animal Park

Nestled at the base of the Magaliesberg mountains, the Hartbeespoort Dam Snake and Animal Park offers a distinctive mix of natural beauty and wildlife encounters within its fortress-like walls. This park serves as a recreational spot and engages in the conservation and breeding of endangered species such as the Cape vulture and African hunting dog. Its popular snake and seal shows provide interactive entertainment and education for visitors of all ages, particularly during weekends, public holidays, and school vacations. Additionally, the park’s educational programs aim to deepen young visitors’ appreciation for wildlife, while various snake courses offer invaluable insights into the behavior and safety measures related to these misunderstood creatures.

Address: 1 Scott St, Schoemansville, Hartbeespoort, 0216

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Phone: 012 253 1162

13. Harties Boat Company

things to do in harties
Photo: Harties Boat Company

Harties Boat Company offers a captivating experience on Hartbeespoort Dam, seamlessly blending scenic beauty with entertainment. From leisurely breakfast and romantic sunset cruises with champagne to vibrant afternoon excursions, each trip is accompanied by a selection of gourmet snacks and canapés. The company also provides special touches for occasions like birthdays, including cakes and decorations, enhancing celebrations on the water. Additionally, the Zanzibar Beach Café and Shishanyama Lounge offer spaces to relax with great music, rounding out a comprehensive day out. Whether aboard the spirited Danny Buoy or the more relaxed Toro Ya Me, guests enjoy a variety of activities that make Hartbeespoort Dam a delightful escape from city life.

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