Nigeria Tourist Attractions

Looking for tourist attractions in Nigeria? The giant of Africa has a large population, lively Afrobeat music, a strong, vibrant culture, and much more. But many people may not think of Nigeria as a place to go on vacation, even though it is. With its huge size, changing landscapes, and hundreds of different ethnic groups, Nigeria has a lot to offer in terms of natural and cultural beauty. Here is a list of the famous tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Nigeria Tourist Attractions

1. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre is very different from the hustle and bustle of Lagos city. It gives you a much-needed breath of fresh air and a lot more to see and do. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Lagos Nigeria. The 78-acre nature hub has the longest canopy walkway in Africa, the Lekki Canopy walkway, a bird hides, a swamp lookout station, gazebos, family huts, lots of floor (board) games, and ponds. Animals in Lekki Conservation Centre include bushbucks, crocodiles, and turtles.

Lekki Conservation Centre contact number: +234 906 546 0479

2. Abuja National Mosque

The National Mosque in Abuja, the country’s capital, was built in 1984 in a traditional Islamic style. With its gold-covered dome, the mosque is designed to be seen everywhere in the city center and around the area. Outside the times when Muslims gather to pray, the beautiful building is open to everyone.

Visit the Abuja National Mosque website.

3. Nike Art Gallery

In a huge five-story building in Lagos called Nike Art Gallery, there are about 8,000 works by artists from all over Africa. Nike Davies-Okundaye is the owner of Nike art gallery, a well-known textile designer and art lover, opened the gallery that bears her name. On-site art sales are possible, and traditional Yoruba dances are often used to welcome visitors. Paintings, textiles, sculptures, and beadwork are some kinds of art you can see at the Nike Art Gallery.

Nike Art Gallery address: 2 Ikate Elegushi Rd, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lekki, Nigeria

Nike Art Gallery website: Nike Art website

4. Oke Idanre

Oke Idanre is a group of big hills in the state of Ondo in the southwest of Nigeria. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Southwest Nigeria. As the subject of many regional myths, the UNESCO World Heritage Site informs of the rich history of the inhabitants of Idanre.

For example, the letters on the rock that can’t be read and that no one has been able to think out since they were first seen are thought to be mysterious handwriting written on the rock. There are also many shrines, buildings, plants, and animals on the hills, as well as the Arun River, which people believe can cure any illness. Visitors have had to climb a 3000 ft staircase built into the hills to get to the top.

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5. Olumo Rock

Abeokuta, under the rock in English, is a city in southwest Nigeria home to Olumo Rock. It is the most famous rock in the city, and it has a lot of history. During the intercity wars of the 1800s, the Egba tribe used it as a place to hide.

There are many natural tunnels, strange trees, broken paths, carvings, and other things in the rock. The rock, which was almost 500 feet above sea level, also gave the Egbas a good view, aiding them in winning the war. Don’t worry! If you can’t walk that far, there are elevators on-site.

6. Gashaka-Gumti National Park

The largest national park in Nigeria is in Northeast Nigeria, in the states of Taraba and Adamawa. The park is magical because it has so many beautiful forests, valleys, and grasslands. The African elephants, hippos, buffalos, antelopes, and other rare animals and plants live in the park. It is also home to Chappal Waddi, which stands almost 8,000 feet above sea level and is Nigeria’s highest mountain. This is one of the major tourist attractions in Nigeria to include on your bucket list.

7. Ikogosi Warm Spring

One of the numerous wonders of the world is the Ikogosi Warm Spring. These springs are in the southwest of Nigeria in the state of Ekiti. They are where warm and cold springs meet, but they don’t mix. A resort with the same name as the springs offers views of lush vegetation and beautiful scenery. For accommodation contact Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort on +234 806 780 0244

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8. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Lagos Nigeria. Offering a lot of activities like boat rides and quad biking, this is a must-visit beach in Lagos. Clean, peaceful with great views of the Atlantic makes this Lagos beach popular.  Make sure you carry enough cash for the activities.

9. New Afrika Shrine

This one is for people who like music. New Afrika Shine Lagos, also known as Fela Shrine, is where people can go to have fun outside. In 2000, the center was built to honor the first Afrika Shine by Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Fela’s family built the Shrine, and his sons Femi and Seun Kuti perform there every day of the week. The center also hosts other kinds of events. Guests can enjoy live music performances in an atmosphere that captures the spirit of Nigeria and Africa.

10. National War Museum Umuahia

The Nigerian Civil War Museum, which opened in 1985, has the largest collection of items from the war (1967-1970). It is in Abia State, which is in the southeast of Nigeria. The place was chosen since it was where the radio show The Voice of Biafra came from when the war was going on.

In the Museum’s three galleries, you can see things used in traditional warfare, weapons, and things used by both sides of the war. Outside, there are showcases of warships, military planes, and Ogbunigwe, bombs made by Biafran soldiers in their own country. The National War Museum does a good job of telling a painful and important history.