Vaal dam entrance fee

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Looking for the Vaal dam entrance fee? The Vaal Dam, an essential water source and a popular tourist attraction, lies in the Northern region of the Free State in South Africa. Constructed in 1938, this impressive dam is not only a significant part of the country’s infrastructure but also a haven for leisure activities and relaxation. Before visiting the Vaal Dam, there are a few things travelers should know to make the most of their trip.

Vaal Dam Entrance Fee

The Vaal Dam entrance fee is R100 per car and R50 per person.

Vaal Dam Location

Firstly, the dam’s location is conveniently situated approximately 56 km south of Johannesburg, near Vereeniging, making it an accessible getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Vaal Dam Activities

With its expansive shoreline, which stretches over 800 kilometers, visitors have ample space to enjoy the scenic views and partake in various outdoor activities.

For those interested in water sports, the Vaal Dam offers excellent opportunities for boating, fishing, and yachting. In fact, it’s home to several yacht clubs and two marinas, providing facilities for sailing enthusiasts. The dam even boasts its own island, adding to the allure of exploration for adventurous visitors. It’s important to note that while the dam is a walk away from some accommodations, ensuring you have a place to stay near these activities can enhance your experience.

When planning a trip to the Vaal Dam, it’s advisable to check the weather conditions and water levels, as these can affect the availability of certain activities. Also, consider reaching out to local tourist information or the yacht clubs for any events or competitions that might be taking place during your visit.

While the Vaal Dam is a peaceful retreat, it’s also a secure area where visitors can relax and enjoy a picnic or simply take in the tranquil environment. Whether you’re looking to engage in active water sports or seeking a serene spot to unwind, the Vaal Dam caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring a memorable visit for all who travel there.

The Vaal Dam is a treasure trove of activities suitable for all ages and interests. The dam’s vast expanse of water and its surrounding areas are perfectly equipped for an array of recreational pursuits.

Vaal Dam Water Activities

Water enthusiasts will find no shortage of excitement here. Boating is a favorite pastime, with visitors often taking to the water in everything from speedboats to pontoons. Sailing is another popular activity, with the gentle breezes providing ideal conditions for both beginners and seasoned sailors. Fishing is a peaceful way to spend your time at the dam, with a variety of fish species such as yellowfish, carp, and barbel thriving in its waters.


For those seeking adventure, the Vaal Dam vicinity offers thrilling options like skydiving and hot air ballooning, which provide a unique perspective of the beautiful landscape from above. Hiking trails are available for nature lovers, offering a chance to explore the local flora and fauna on foot. Mountain biking along the rugged terrain is also a great way to experience the natural beauty of the region.

For families and those interested in a more relaxed place, the dam area has picnic spots where visitors can enjoy a meal with a view. There are also animal sanctuaries and petting farms nearby, which are perfect for a day out with children. Horse riding is another activity that allows you to traverse the picturesque surroundings in a more laid-back manner.

For a mix of adventure and leisure, the Emerald Casino Resort, located close to the Vaal Dam, provides a range of entertainment options, including a water park, game drives, and a variety of restaurants and shops.

Before diving into these activities, it is wise to check availability and book in advance where necessary, as some experiences may require prior arrangement or have limited capacity.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or seeking tranquility, the Vaal Dam has something to offer everyone, making it a versatile destination for an unforgettable visit.