Weekend Getaways near Kimberley

Have you been daydreaming about spending a weekend getaway in the Northern Cape of South Africa? Check out our comprehensive guide on the finest destinations for your weekend getaway.

After the 1994 polls in South Africa, the Cape Province was divided into three; Eastern, Western and Northern Capes. Northern Cape is the prevalent and most sparsely occupied province in South Africa, making it a must-see destination is the origin of the country’s motto, “diverse people unite.” The region is a land of arid scenery, sunshine, and natural wonders. Even though their preferences form the desert, old archaeological towns to the ocean and bushes are something for everyone. It is culturally and historically rich.

8 Best Destinations for a weekend getaway in Northern Cape

  1. Sutherland town
  2. Diamond Coast
  3. Kimberley
  4. Orange River Wine Routes
  5. Vosburg
  6. Riemvasmaak Hot Springs
  7. Richmond
  8. Beaches in Northern Cape

1. Sutherland Town

weekend getaway northern cape
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Sutherland is positioned 1500 meters above sea level, making it the coldest town in South Africa. There are many things to do in the small town, especially for enjoying a weekend away. Sutherland is arguably the most known town in the Northern Cape. It has a romantic atmosphere because of starry nights. Many travellers visit this town for stargazing sessions which are available all year round. Visit this romantic town for a romantic weekend away.

2. Diamond Coast

This wild, rugged and adventurous destination is a coast where the scorching semi-desert meats the Atlantic Ocean. The Diamond coast is a must-see with its unspoiled beaches, magnificent sunsets, and romantic, rugged views. It is located in the far North-West starting from Port Nolloth to the mouth of the Orange River. You can hike through the coastal dunes and look at the dramatic shipwrecks or visit some exciting destinations like Alexander bay (you will need an organized tour). The bay was once a diamond mine with restricted access. Book yourself a room with a view of the ocean to fully enjoy your weekend.

3. Kimberley

Kimberly is well known for its historic diamonds in South Africa. Diamonds were discovered in this capital city of the Northern Cape in 1871. After this discovery, another significant discovery happened in 1866. It led to a critical turning point in South Africa’s history as prospectors arrived hoping to find diamonds and become rich. One of the significant lures you will see in Kimberly is The Big Hole. The great hall was dug by hand as prospectors scrambled to get diamonds and gain fame and fortune. 

There is a platform where you can peer into The Big Hole, the deepest artificial crater in the world. While here, you can also take walks through the old town that is still alive with the history of diamond mining.

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4. Orange River Wine Route

Orange River Wine Cellars
Photo Orange River Cellars

If you are a wine lover, the most convenient place to stay would be near Upington. From a traveller’s view, this is also the best place to start if you are interested in visiting the Orange River Cellars. Upington was the visitor centre for decades in the town’s industrial area until 2015. 

The Orange River wine route is one of the most unlikely wine routes, and it goes for 350 kilometres along the Orange River. The Orange River Cellars offer a variety of dry wines, naturally sweet wines, and dessert wines. 

There are four wine cellars here that use grapes from 300km along the route. Every production cellar has a small tasting room, but it is advisable to visit Upington for the best tasting options and all-inclusive view. So purchase some good wine and enjoy a relaxing getaway in Upington. 

5. Vosburg

Vosburg is one of the beautiful small towns in the Northern Cape, South Africa. The small gem is located in the middle of the Karoo (a Semi-dessert natural region in S.A). It has extensive gravel roads which are flanked by the most beautiful historic homes. Some of these households have been transformed into beautiful attractions, for instance, the Karoo Country Inn and Ketel Coffee Shop. You can book your stay at the in.

There are so many shady trees around the town that make it an outstanding destination because of the Karoo heat. Visit the local ‘handelaar,’ a coffee shop with exquisite art and crafts. Once an abattoir but now doubles as the area’s post office.

6. Riemvasmaak Hot Springs

Riemvasmaak Hot Springs
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The hot springs located between the Orange River and the dry Molopo Rivers are the perfect destination for peace and relaxation. There is comfortable accommodation at the hot springs making it a more convenient destination. You can live at one of the chalets and have endless soaks in the healing waters of the hot springs at Riemvasmaak. The hot springs happened as a result of some violent volcanic activity centuries ago. 

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7. Richmond

Richmond is your ultimate destination in the Northern Cape if you are a lover of books and literature. Richmond town is where you concern yourself with all things books. The main road within this quaint little town is lined with second-hand book stores. It is advised to avoid stopping here unless you have time on your hands which makes a weekend getaway the perfect time to browse through these restored period home bookstores and relax with a good adventure book. Life in this town is slow and relaxing, making it the best place to vacation as you plan where to go for a weekend getaway in Northern Cape.

8.Beaches in Northern Cape

Northern Cape is a diverse land with plenty to offer; part of its variety is its beautiful sandy beaches by the Atlantic Ocean. There are five beaches: Hondeklip Bay beachAlexander Bay beach, Port Nolloth Beach, and Kleinzee beach. The beaches provide for an atmosphere of relaxation and romance.

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