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11 things to do in Parys (2024)

Are you looking for things to do in Parys? Nestled on the banks of the picturesque Vaal River, Parys is a charming town in the Free State province of South Africa. Known for its quaint streets, historical significance, and stunning natural beauty, Parys offers a delightful blend of adventure, culture, …


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Signal Hill Cape Town

Signal Hill

Signal Hill in Cape Town, also called Lion’s Rump or Lula Lula Mountain, is the flat, shorter part of the mountain that goes from Lion’s ...
tourist attractions in Zanzibar

Tourist Attractions in Zanzibar

Looking for the best tourist attractions in Zanzibar? Zanzibar is a peaceful white-sand beach island with bright turquoise water and palm-lined shores that you often ...
things to do in eswatini
Attractions in Africa

Swaziland Tourist Attractions

Looking for the best tourist attractions in Eswatini? The Kingdom of Eswatini is a land-locked country in Southern Africa. In the southeast, it shares a ...
best places to visit in Morocco
Attractions in Africa

Things to do in Morocco

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Morocco? A journey to Morocco presents a captivating array of activities and experiences that make ...
things to do in Kigali
Attractions in Africa

Things to do in Kigali

Looking for the best things to do in Kigali? Since Rwanda became independent of Belgium in 1962, its capital, Kigali, is roughly in the middle ...
places to visit in eSwatini
Attractions in Africa

Places to Visit in eSwatini

Places to visit in eSwatini have a big cultural impact. eSwatini is between the northeast of South Africa and the south of Mozambique. This country ...

Blyde River Canyon South Africa

Blyde River Canyon South Africa is about 25 kilometers long and packs a huge punch. Located in Mpumalanga South Africa is said to be the ...
places to visit in Zimbabwe

Places to visit in Zimbabwe

Looking for places to visit in Zimbabwe? There are a lot of places to visit in Zimbabwe, like the roaring Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. ...
Gonubie Beach

Gonubie Main Beach

Gonubie Beach is a little piece of paradise. This is a nice place to go if you want to escape the crowds on the beaches ...
Tips for travel photography

Tips for travel photography

If you are looking for tips for travel photography then this travel photography tips guide is just what you need.  Travel photography to me is ...

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Cape Agulhas

Cape Agulhas

Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of the African continent, is a place of profound natural beauty and geographical significance. Here, at the point where the ...
places to visit in Mozambique

Places to visit in Mozambique

Places to visit in Mozambique are as diverse and fascinating as the country itself. From stunning coastal retreats to wildlife-rich reserves, Mozambique offers an array ...
Dinokeng game reserve entrance fees

Dinokeng Resort day visitors

Are you looking for the Dinokeng Game Reserve entrance fees? Dinokeng Game Reserve is located in the northern part of Gauteng Province, South Africa. It’s ...
accommodation in Dinokeng

Accommodation in Dinokeng

Accommodation in Dinokeng, situated in the heart of South Africa’s wilderness, offers a diverse array of options for travelers looking to experience the natural beauty ...
Johannesburg Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City Entrance Fee (2024)

The Johannesburg Gold Reef City is not just an amusement park; it’s a journey through history. The popular entertainment destination is located on a former ...
restaurants in Fourways

Restaurants in Fourways

The restaurants in Fourways, Johannesburg offer a wide array of dining experiences, from exotic sushi bars to traditional South African steakhouses. Whether you’re a local ...
restaurants in Vilakazi Street

Vilakazi Street Restaurants

Restaurants in Vilakazi Street, Soweto, offer more than just a meal; they provide a vibrant tapestry of flavors, cultures, and histories. This bustling street, alive ...
restaurants in Durbanville

Best Restaurants in Durbanville

Restaurants in Durbanville, Cape Town, are a testament to the rich and diverse culinary culture of this vibrant area. Nestled in the heart of the ...
restaurants in Zimbali

Restaurants in Zimbali

Restaurants in Zimbali are not just about food; they are about experiences. Zimbali, a stunning coastal resort area in South Africa, isn’t just known for ...
sanctuary spas

Unwind and Recharge at Sanctuary Spas

Sanctuary Spas Group, a rapidly emerging family business, is swiftly gaining acclaim as one of South Africa’s most sought-after spa destinations. Sanctuary Spa’s breakthrough happened ...